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At Soundsteps we offer two types of exams. At the end of every term all Soundsteps pupils have the opportunity to take one of our friendly, internal exams. Although these exams are not recognised, they give children a great chance to experience a music exam, as well as getting feedback during the exam from the teacher – we like to think of them as a mini one-to-one lesson.

These exams are held at your child’s usual venue, day and time, and are optional. However, we have found that over 95% of pupils take part in them, as children really enjoy the challenge of preparing, and passing, exams. Children are presented with a ‘Certificate of Merit’ at the end of the exam, and parents are given report sheets, so that you can see exactly how your child is getting on.

Trinity/Guildhall Exams

At Soundsteps we understand that some pupils want to go that extra mile, and achieve exams that are fully recognised. For this purpose we also offer pupil’s the opportunity to study for Trinity/Guildhall Exams. These lessons are very different from our fast, fun Soundsteps lessons. Firstly, our groups are limited to small groups of 6 or less, so that the teacher is able to spend extra time with every pupil, helping them achieve the best mark they can. But the lessons are also more serious in nature, with pupils expected to attain a certain level of commitment, and practice. And, of course, these exams are very useful when applying for secondary school, as some schools see recognised music exams as indicative of a child’s learning ethos.

If your child is already a Soundsteps pupil, and you would like them to start Trinity/Guildhall lessons, please speak directly to your child’s teacher in the first instance.