One of London's biggest independent music schools teaching piano & keyboard to primary aged children.

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Our Methods

At Soundsteps we believe children should have fun as they learn. In this way pupils don’t even realise they’re learning important musical theory, or gaining essential practical skills – they’re too busy enjoying themselves!

Our classes involve small groups of up to 11 pupils, with keyboards supplied for every lesson, at every centre. And although our classes are a full hour, the lessons are split into small chunks of fun – pupils could be learning to read and write various styles of music (this happens from the very first lesson!), or enjoying working out answers to exciting quizzes, or taking part in our musically educational games. Our methods are also completely interactive, so children are constantly involved in every step of the lesson – there’s no time to sit still!

At Soundsteps we cover all abilities, from complete beginner to the advanced player. However, as our methods involve a little writing, our only requirement is that pupils should be aged 5 or above.