One of London's biggest independent music schools teaching piano & keyboard to primary aged children.

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"I like everything about Soundsteps. I like the teachers and quiz. I have learned a lot about music."

"I like going to Soundsteps to learn to play the keyboard as we learn to play music in a fun way. I have made some new friends there and I like the games we play."

"I like Soundsteps because the pieces are always good. And I like learning a different one each week."

"I enjoy the card games as it teaches me about music. The writing is helpful too along with the quiz. I've made a lot of friends and my teacher is very nice and professional."

"I have enjoyed the lessons at Soundsteps because they make music fun and have helped me with my sight reading and my keyboard skills."

"I like my piano class when we write something on our books and practice it on the keyboard. I like my teacher who is teaching very well and the kind children."

"I enjoy learning to play songs on the keyboard and learning new songs that I have never heard before. It is also fun doing the quizzes and answering questions. I also like practising the songs when we get them. I like turning on the keyboard and doing the style and voice. It makes me feel like a professional keyboard player."

"I really like Soundsteps because I can be with my friends and I have a lot of fun doing music."

"I like learning new notes. I also like the sound of the piano and the teacher is nice."

"Once there were two little sisters one 7, one 9 and they were called Jeanne and Therese and they loved keyboard. They would practise to their hearts content, they were so good that one day they got 2 stars. They were so happy, that they never ever stopped playing keyboard. The End."
Jeanne and Therese

"It was a lot of fun and I couldn't have covered such a wide range of music anywhere else. I went on to achieve Grade 8 in piano. My involvement in music helped me to focus on my studies and gave me the discipline I needed to succeed academically. I value the knowledge and experience gained at Soundsteps which started my lifelong love of music, and helped me to achieve a high standard of piano playing."
Student, from 1991, aged 6 at time

"The skills I learnt from Soundsteps helped to develop me as a music producer. My time at Soundsteps has been fundamental in helping me realise my love of music and making music as a producer and playing keyboard within a band. It has harnessed my love of music into a creative way that takes away the stresses of the working world, and channels it into something beautiful"
Student from 1993